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Deployment Automation

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 Build automation

-          How do you deploy from environment to environment without using MSI’s?

o   Deployer in tarintino.

o   Migrator.net to regress the database to a prior state.

§  Problem in the production.  Can rollback your dev database to bring to same state.

o   Hudson is free unlimited projects with git support.

§  Distributed deployment (does not allow full retention of history due to deployment approach)

o   Separate build and deploy scripts (Antipattern)

§  Do some level of testing at deploy side.

§  Basic connectivity stuff should be test (Test the environment not the application)

-          How do you define automation across multiple dependent projects?

o   Publish your source to some place (Repository, file share, etc..)

o   Major/minor – Major is breaking change, minor is new version.

o   Managing service dependancies.  – Check version at runtime.

§  Use the major version number inside the URL.

o   If a project depends on another artifact incorporate the actual dll in the project.

o   Salesforce.com – Multi tenancy.

-          Configurations

o   Multiple configurations

o   Config file is just copied out there with the dev settings.

§  Use Nant to XMLPoke the config files and push in the properties from the environment. (Note: .build files will have to be maintained with each set of .config file changes)

-          Integration test – Calls too much or out of process. (File system, AD, Database)

-          Regression testing integrated into BA

o   Watir and rspec to drive regression tests.

§  Behavior driven tests.

o   Driven by watin.  Goto the appropriate screen to verify the asserts. 

§  This purely tests the ui level.

§  MBUnit galleo plugin takes screenshot on errors.

o    Write new tests for a jira issue and assign the tests to the issue.

§  If a test fails then it reopens the issues and tracks who checked in last.

o   Sometimes you have to manually look and test some UI.

-          Just started using CC branching into parallel development.  Best practice for build automation for those multiple teams.

o   Move away from CC to Hudson.

-          Key to documentation – Breakthrough a point of documentation to the point where nobody reads it anymore

o   Docu

o   Tests can document the code.

-          Working Effectively with Legacy Code, Michael Feathers 


-TT Tools mentioned:

  1. Fortress task system
  2. Tarantino
  3. Migrator.net
  4. Watin
  5. Watir
  6. RTest
  7. RSpec
  8. NAnt
  9. QUnit for testing
  10. Hudson -- allows build per branch
  11. CruiseControl (CCNET)
  12. TeamCity -- allows build per branch
  13. DocU for document generation and stats (link needs verification)
  14. MBUnit (Bundled with Gallio)





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